Minimum Duration to Revisit a Topic After Voting

As we are already seeing with discussions on the logo, I would like us to give some thought about how often voting should occur on a given topic to keep members of the DAO and DAO Stewards from getting flooded by the same proposals. Somewhat akin to people asking “wen Lambo?” in the telegram chat.

The duration a topic is considered settled should be built into our DAO proposals so that it is clear when next the subject can be re-visited. This shouldn’t be allowed to get too complicated. Should we add the earliest date a topic will be revisited to the proposal language, to communicate how long the decision will last, near what voting YES or voting NO means?

Once / Semi-Permanent: Core Identity / Logo / Smart Contract Edits/Rewrites / Etc.
Annually: Exchange listing / liquidity proposals.
Seasonally: Adding Stewards to the DAO,
Monthly: How much Akita to send Baphnedia. :stuck_out_tongue:
As-Needed: New proposals as are developed in Akita Discourse.


most proposals should be thought out and timelines should be expressed as part of that proposal.

I see what you are saying in regards to logo discussion and also the Steward term-length, so I would agree those could be defined better.

Exchange listings should be able to be discussed whenever, same with liquidity proposals – ultimately they will be subject to the budget at hand, so it might be better to discuss specific budget allocations happening so that a listing and/or liquidity budget can be grown and managed.