Me, You and DAO

Greetings everyone. Let’s discuss everything about our Precious DAO.
Some concept ideas :bulb:. Everything that is important for Me, You and DAO.


Hello everyone - Ryan here. Looking forward to hearing how people want to participate, especially when it comes to how the Akita Ecosystem should be developed. We can look at staking, partnerships, or more advanced development. Once we know what people want, we can start working towards making it happen!


That’s the goal.
Community names it-DAO Makes it :innocent:


Well, I see opportunities for us to examine what made Akita make the news in the first place, and the values often ascribed to Akitas (Trini or John I think have them listed somewhere). That said, Akita made the news when half of the supply was donated by Vitalik; both as good public relations and as a way of showing crypto can’t all be dismissed as a β€œscam” by detractors, let us find the things where our community can make a difference.

Will it make a lot of money? Probably not. This need not be a huge expense; something of up to 1% of the budget or similar. To show that we did something with all of this besides financial enrichment (which is the main goal).