New Ideas for AKITA DAO

Besides listings
Besides burning
What else would you like AKITA DAO to do?


I’d love to see some sort of dApp development that encourages AKITA holders to participate by buying more AKITA tokens. Probably doesn’t need to be a staking dApp as we seem to have a successful trial, so far, with Roll Staking. I believe DeFi will only get bigger in the coming year, so the DAO has an opportunity to strategize and join the wave forward.


How can we generate new streams of income?

Recently Elon Musk used X (Formerly Twitter) to live stream a video game he was playing. For many years now living streaming has turned into a career for many people from their viewers subscribing to them and even making donations to the streamer via platforms like Twitch and more recently Tiktok.

I’m not too sure if X currently allows that but if it does and because Elon Musk did it, I’m sure a whole new wave of people will flock to X to livestream and view livestreamers.

That being said I think it would be interesting if AKITA DAO got into it somehow.

Please give your thoughts on what could be live-streamed to generate a new source of income for the DAO

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