Marketing and Promotion ideas

People in Telegram are discussing more paid marketing using YouTube, influencers, etc. I am not a marketer, so I’m kicking off the discussion here for the rest of the DAO to weigh-in with their thoughts and research:

What are some options to choose from?
What are the benefits of these?
What will the cost be?
Are there any other questions to be considering?


My opinion is to contact marketing companies that are professional to their job .

Good to collect some influencers links , but that is not a good markeing plan for AKITA .


Burning a little amount of tokens like 2000$, and spreading the words, so the others will know that team is still here and start working in bullrun

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Every single AKITA worth a lot ! Let’s not just burn them directly . A lot od developments and listings can be done with that tokens!

Why don’t we make a burn portal ?! :smiley:

Do you have any ideas for that?

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Burn portal is not a bad idea. What tokens are being used and how are they being used?

VoltiChange was an option in the past – every transaction burns .25% of supply in trading fees:

This can also integrate with their Telegram trading bot - SparkBot.

I’VE NEVER USED ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS. There could be other deflationary tools out there that we don’t have to develop, but I have not seen any that stick out.

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