External Marketing

There’s been discussion in the past about hiring a marketing firm for the promotion of Akita DAO, which currently includes AKITA token and HACHI token. These firms often require a monthly fee, or may create a fixed-cost package. They are often very costly.

Until this point, all marketing for the tokens and DAO have been through organic channels. This includes Telegram and Twitter accounts.

If we did try to engage a firm, we would have a limited budget, and should seek out several to get quotes based upon the services they offer and our expectation. We would need to decide on what we expect from the firm.

These questions could include:

  • What is the cost? Is it fixed or monthly?
  • Are we looking for both strategy and execution? (ie firm does everything beginning to end)
  • Only Strategy? (ie the firm creates a strategy, but it is up to use to implement)
  • Only Execution? (ie we come up with a plan that the firm implements)
  • Additional questions?