Akita Toobit listing

To successfully generate more AKITA volumes, we believe it’s important to add it on more CEXs. this proposal recommends listing AKITA on Toobit which is an L2 exchange with significantly more daily trading.

Purpose of this listing is to generate more volume for AKITA .


By this listing ,Toobit exchange promised us a volume of $300k and more.

The Toobit team have confirmed they will provide a discount of a few thousand dollars.

Also , high volume is always important to get in bigger exchanges , and any partnership in future !

Proposal - Cost
This proposal requests the tokens needed to list AKITA on Toobit exchange, as soon as possible. The original price for listing a token is $15k, but Toobit team has confirmed we will receive a discount. Total price for this listing will be 12 + 2k : 14k.

Centralized exchanges offer an extra layer of security and reliability when it comes to transactions and trading. By facilitating the transaction through a developed, centralized platform, centralized exchanges offer higher levels of comfort compared to DEXs .

CEXs often offer a range of trading tools and services, such as market analysis tools, order types, and margin trading, which can help increase liquidity and facilitate trading for a token

CEX listings can bring more volume & value.

The Akita DAO will use its current funding stream from Gitcoin (through Q1 2027) and any future revenue streams to support the development and growth of the ecosystem.

Toobit in all insantces.

Toobit ranked #23 by CoinMarketCap and has 5.8/10 trust score by users . Toobit volume is about $960M while writing.


Discourse discussion: till we get 5 thumps up.
Voting: 4 days
Execution: listing will be done asap if DAO decides to .

Yes, No, Abstain - If the total YES vote is greater than the total NO vote, then this proposal would pass and be executed by the Akita DAO’s Stewards.

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Considering our recent track record with listings, doesn’t 5.8/10 in trust score sound pretty low?

But higher scores and rankings cost so much more . I have Bitget onboard too that will be submitted soon .

This is just an option to increase volume , or we csn skip and go for Bitget only . Opinios?

I just urge that we are extra thorough in our due diligence before listings.

An example: Does this exchange seem to manipulate/pump the volumes more than the average exchange?

How much does it cost to list on Bybit exchange?

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Yes it will have more volume than other listed CEXs

Free . But they have high citerias

Free listing but they beed at least +130k for lp & marketing