Bkex exchange $HACHI listing

95% of HACHI’s volume is generated by centralized exchanges (CEX). To successfully generate more HACHI buy volumes, we believe it’s important to add HACHI on more CEX. Furthermore, the current HACHI are L3 exchanges - this proposal recommends listing HACHI on BKEX which is an L2 exchange with significantly more daily trading.

We aim to generate more synergies between AKITA and HACHI. By implementing this proposal, we will have both AKITA and HACHI on BKEX. This can enable more synergies between the tokens, such as AKITA-HACHI staking, AKITA burning and much more.

Timeline: As soon as we have the necessary funds.

Centralized exchanges (CEX) currently stand for ~95% of the HACHI buy volumes

AKITA INU is listed on BKEX. By also listing HACHI on BKEX, BKEX representatives have promised to increase trading volumes for both AKITA and HACHI (they would help AKITA with approx 2X the volume of HACHI). This would be done via promotional events.

The BKEX team have confirmed they will provide a discount of a few thousand dollars.

AKITA foundation has been working on setting up a partnership with a game studio for 1+ year. These discussions have intensified after the launch of HACHI (as it enabled AKITA Network to set aside a large number of tokens for an upcoming game partnership). However, the game studio has communicated it’s essential for HACHI to have more of both volume and liquidity before proceeding with negotiation.

This proposal requests the tokens needed to list HACHI on BKEX exchange, as soon as possible. The original price for listing a token is $40k, but BKEX team has confirmed we will receive a discount.

Centralized exchanges offer an extra layer of security and reliability when it comes to transactions and trading. By facilitating the transaction through a developed, centralized platform, centralized exchanges offer higher levels of comfort compared to DEXs .

CEXs often offer a range of trading tools and services, such as market analysis tools, order types, and margin trading, which can help increase liquidity and facilitate trading for a token

Also CEX listings always can bring more volume & value.

The ERC-20 governance token HACHI is the governance token utilized by the holders of the digital currency AKITA, also known as AKITA INU.

HACHI allows holders to represent their voice in the Akita DAO, a distributed-leadership community focused on building a long-term ecosystem for its members. The Akita DAO will use its current funding stream from Gitcoin (through Q1 2027) and any future revenue streams to support the development and growth of the ecosystem. By connecting to Snapshot, HACHI holders can vote on proposals that will steer this ecosystem development process.

HACHI will also be utilized in the future to buy

AKITA BKEX in all insantces.

Akita is already listed there and it has the most volume in the past few weeks
BKEX ranked #19 by CoinMarketCap and has 7/10 trust score by users . BKEX volume is about $750M today

BKEX has big and strong communities on twitter and Telegram and can help AKITA and HACHI both to get more engagement and attention by its holders .
BKEX pays much attention to work with the community trying to strengthen it.

BKEX security- The safety and stability of work with multi-tier architecture made the service a reliable trading hub where users can perform their activities without worries about security. BKEX chain features secure storage of the digital assets, project crowdfunding, and established DPOS-based super node decision system. The exchange is cross-platform and functions equally well in different operating systems.

BKEX has lower exchange/buy&sell fees compared to other tier2 exchanges .


Proposal is now live on Snapshot for voting :partying_face:


Step 1) connect your wallet and join snapshot with the correct wallet(you holding $HACHI in it)
Note : you will need HACHI for voting

Step 2) select the proposal you want to vote , scroll down and you will see the options . Choose the option and click Vote , then Confirm it .

Easy , it’s done


Finally! We made it!


Hello, I’d like to share a few concerns about this decision that I feel deserve to be highlighted:

First of all, volume, when it doesn’t come from a verifiable source (remember, don’t trust, verify), is a very dubious metric, it is widely known that many exchanges either don’t report it just as is, or outright fake most of it, and there is no way to verify their claims, that’s why we don’t use that metric.

What we do use though is market depth, spread and others.

If we evaluate the token HACHI, we see that centralized exchanges (CEXs) have less market depth than decentralized exchanges (DEXs) Uniswap (v3), therefore, if you want to sell or buy, using a CEX is not what you want, unless you intend to lose money by slippage.

What is the definition of the “L3 exchanges” and “L2 exchanges” that are mentioned in the proposal?

“We aim to generate more synergies between AKITA and HACHI”
Well, if Akita Inu doesn’t have market depth on BKEX, what makes you think that HACHI would, or that having 2 related listed tokens without market depth on a CEX is going to generate any meaningful synergy?

If the idea is to generate synergies between HACHI and AKITA, then even adding liquidity to a pool in Uniswap for a HACHI/AKITA pair would solve it by both being a source of liquidity that the DEX routers would use and linking both HACHI and AKITA liquidity, market depth and price.

A discount of a few thousand dollars is still really close to $40k, for a listing that will bring basically nothing, in my view, burning $40k in HACHI would add more value than paying for that listing.

Centralized exchanges do not add security, if anything they add risk, because when you get hacked you lose your funds, not your keys, not your coins.

I suggest this be reconsidered, there are better and more effective ways that add value and not just “burn” money.


Hi . Thank you for joing the dicussion here .

Basicly , everyone use CoinMarketCap to veify the token volume or mcap . Fake volumes will be excluded by CMC platform so that means AKITA volume is totally real in Bkex . Just like CoinW exchange that its volume has been excluded from the total volume . Please check the link below :

Market depth of Dex Uniswap for HACHI is more than the CEXs yeah . But are we now comparing Azbit - Bilaxy with Bkex exchange ?

L2 : level 2 or tier 2 exchanges . Like Bkex BitMart - CoinW etc…

By the way , with Listing HACHI in a new Cex(Bkex), we’ll have the chance to get more trading volume . And we’ll be ready for our upcoming Game studio partnership.

But i really liked the idea aboit HACHI/AKIT

Well obviously not everyone, as many also use CoinGecko and others, but still, a CEX is not like a DEX where you can check market depth and volume on-chain by yourself.

As of today, if a CEX had to be chosen, OKX would be a better option.

The Game studio should know better and use Uniswap, as even if HACHI gets listed in BKEX, chances are that just like with AKITA, Uniswap will be the best place to buy due to market depth.

Also, if gas fees were a problem for gaming (in case of adopting the currency in-game), Arbitrum and other L2 could be the solution.

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CMC . CG . Both provide the same info . As i said. This proposal is already approved and it’s in voting period now . You should vote . Okx won’t list HACHI now because of low volume

We aim to list HACHI in more CEXs . For now , we’re not targetting Dexs . Adding more LP . Or creating new pair HACHI/AKITA should be discussed in a new topic to make a new proposal . Shall we make a topic for it and we can talk about it there ? :smiley:

We can create a new topic to discuss DEXs. I believe that will be very important for us in general.

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Congrats to our community :tada:


Yes , i totally forgot to post it in here ! Anyways . Everyone is now aware of that . We have pinned it in our comminities

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