Binance listing

Binance have his own rules, if we want to be listed on the top exchange, we need to do it.

We need to develop a coin daily and send reports to Binance every two weeks detailing the changes made during that period. If our community does this, I’m confident we will be listed on Binance.


Hi . We are working on top tier listings right now.

But we’re too far away from being listed on Binance , they won’t approve us now . They don’t look at the volume only

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we have small volume!!! 8m it’s not volume for Ethereum tokens… But, if you will not do what in the article, you won’t listed there ever.

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After other tier 1s . It worth to try

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For sure, it would be good to emphasize this point in case we aim for Binance.

  • Incorporate BNB into your ecosystem and/or raise BNB during your fundraising phase;

Could be costly if we start developing on let’s say Avalanche and then have to move to BSC just to accommodate this requirement.

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