DAO organization

DAO organization proposal

We recommend the following DAO roles:

  • Lead steward
  • Stewards
  • Marketing admin

Additional proposals can be created to replace the people assigned to these roles or create additional roles.

Lead steward
-Provides supervision and guidance to stewards throughout the entire proposal process

  • Works as a steward to guide the DAO participants

  • Defines the steward selection process and oversees its execution

  • Oversees/maintains Discourse structure

  • Spreads awareness of our DAO/governance model and generates interest in being involved

  • Recommends the roles included in the DAO and the overall organization structure

  • Executes and monitors multisig transactions according to the funding needs of successful proposals

  • Compensation: 5K HACHI / quarter

  • Name: Amir


  • Guide the DAO participants in discussion and refinement of proposals

  • Act as gatekeepers to ensure the proposal voting process doesn’t start until the proposal has been refined enough

  • Moderate Discourse

  • Support lead steward in updating processes and documentation

  • Execute and monitor multisig transactions according to the funding needs of successful proposals

  • Compensation: 3-4K HACHI / quarter

  • Names: Arturs, Trini

Marketing admin

  • Administer AKITA Network’s social media channels
    -Create and execute marketing campaigns
    Name: John

The following three people have been part of what was previously referred to as the AKITA leadership team. They have significant experience managing the AKITA Network ecosystem and are available to provide the DAO with guidance and insights. This is done at no additional cost unless extensive involvement is necessary

  • Ryan
  • John
  • Marcus

Proposal is now live on Snapshot for voting ::partying_face:


Step 1) connect your wallet and join snapshot with the correct wallet(you holding $HACHI in it)
Note : you will need HACHI for voting

Step 2) select the proposal you want to vote , scroll down and you will see the options . Choose the option and click Vote , then Confirm it .

Easy , it’s done


It makes sense to incentivise the people who dedicate their time and energy to a project, but I suggest that the proposal adds a start, an end, and that it has to be renewed, this will be useful when in need to add new roles, people, or change the roles or people that perform them as the project evolves and so do the people working on it.

I would also suggest to specify the username of the humans that are going to perform this tasks, if they can be found on for example Telegram, then they deserve (both for them and for the Akita Inu community for transparency) to be listed in more than just a name.

Also, there is some room for creativity on the payments, like for example, the people getting paid could receive their money in both AKITA and HACHI 50/50, which could be achieved by swapping HACHI for AKITA and would contribute with the Akita purchasing part of the HACHI whitepaper:

Hello . Thank you for joing the discussiom here . About more roles . We’re not open for any new person as steward right now (also we didn’t find the right people). Additional requests and roles will be added in the next proposals .

About payments
These payments/salaries are from Leadership allocation >Akita DAO multisig. As we own the HACHI token so it’s better . basicly payments are in HACHI .

Please use your HACHI tokens(voting power) to vote . Thats how it works and we’ll decide about the proposals

Please use your HACHI tokens(voting power) to vote . Thats how it works and we’ll decide about the proposals

I like the suggestion of swapping HACHI for AKITA and blending the payments.

I think we can also create more definition around the term length, and providing info as to who is doing what and how they are found within the community.

You sound like you might have experience in this, so your insight is valuable.