AKITA DAO Gaming Tournaments


Summary :
This proposal is to create a new source of income for the DAO. Basically creating gaming tournaments people can enter by buying in with X amount of $HACHI and sending that X amount to the AKITA DAO multisig. Top 3 winners will be awarded X amounts from AKITA DAO multisig in the form of $HACHI and AKITA DAO multisig keeps the rest.

Abstract :
For years now people have enjoyed playing in gaming tournaments. From the basic card games to dominos to Dungeons and Dragons to Esports now. Gaming tournaments get live streamed, sponsored and attract a lot of attention, not saying we start off that big yet. Games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Gran Turismo, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty to name a few have taken the World of Esports by storm

Specifics :
I am going to specify the gaming tournament idea I have, but this is open to suggestions.

A game I know and have already thought of how we will do this is Gran Turismo 7. Now Gran Turismo already has a lot of different tournaments but we can always add on.

A tournament of 15 players and 1 host. The host doesn’t race and keeps out of the players way, the host merely sets up the race and keeps track of who wins and goes into the next round.

Each of the 15 players must pay 350 $HACHI to the AKITA DAO multisig. A second host must be keeping track of who enters, players must comment their Twitter Name and Online Racing Name when sending in payment. At this point 15 players multiplied by 350 $HACHI comes out to 5,250 $HACHI

4 rounds of the tournament. Each round is randomly set up by the host, making it as fair as possible for everyone.

Round 1 - 15 players
Round 2 -12 players
Round 3 - 8 players
Round 4 - 4 players, top 3 players from this race

1st place awarded - 900 $HACHI
2nd place awarded - 600 $HACHI
3rd place awarded - 350 $HACHI
For a total of 1850 $HACHI

Both hosts may receive compensation as well for their time and efforts if decided on

Benefits :
If both hosts receive 350 $HACHI, that comes out to a total of 2,550 $HACHI spent by AKITA DAO multisig.
AKITA DAO multisig profits 2700 $HACHI from the total buy in of 5,250 - 2,550.
Prizes, buy ins and compensation subject to change upon discussion and voting. This can be repeated as many times as wanted to generate a new stream of income for AKITA DAO

Drawbacks :

  • Players must have whatever game we are using for the tournament.
  • Gas fees

Thank you Trini for thinking of this very cool idea.

I’m not a player myself, so I was wondering the following:

  • Do we think there will be enough players to fill Round 1?
  • What happens if there are more than 15 player?
  • Is this a game/platform that can be botted?
  • Is there a way to ensure that everyone enters gets something like a POAP, or even a small amount of HACHI that offsets their entry cost?
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Hey RyMac, thank you for the questions

  • This game in particular always has people online, it’s relatively new and there are a lot of people streaming all the time too, dedicated online channels for it, so I don’t think getting people will be a problem. Even if the players aren’t into Cryptocurrencies, they might get into it just from the love of competition and the game. We can set a threshold such as 8 players at least before races start.

  • We can do first 15 can join, if more than 15, they can be queued until the next race is ready and meets the threshold

-This game is heavily online focused. Even in single player mode they lock off certain modes if the player is not connected to the network just as a layer of safety to prevent cheating, unfortunately anything is possible but I haven’t seen any cheating, I have seen some incredible racers lol, besides the game itself hosts tournaments with other players online so they are always on the look out for cheaters, the difference I believe is that there is only in game monetary value to be gained.
Also we can put as a disclaimer that we are not responsible for a players connection to the network just in case they don’t have appropriate internet speeds, then again games usually account for that by informing the player

-If a POAP is cost effective I don’t see why not.
-Offsetting the entry cost might be counterproductive as a stream of income for the DAO. Unfortunately in these tournaments there are winners and there are losers. I kind of got this idea from seeing an old bowling tournament lol. To enter they paid like $25 and the top 3 got more back than $25, the rest of the participants got nothing
Offsetting the cost might also lessen the competition factor

-Hosts, there needs to be a two host minimum working in coordination.
Host one has the same game and sets up each round only inviting the players that Host two has confirmed paid their entry fee. After each round Host one only invites the players that can proceed to the next round, eliminated players will not progress. The Tournament ends after the last round, Host one tells Host two the top 3 players along with providing screenshot proof.

  • Also I mentioned that we get their online gaming name and Twitter name so we can post results and tag them on Twitter, hopefully more gamers will see these tweets and want to participate. Each round Host one should tweet out a snapshot of the qualifying players showing the upmost transparency

  • I would also like to note that I’m trying to come up with a proper equation for amount of players, entry cost, prize amounts, host compensation, DAO profits. If anyone has a idea for an equation like this feel free to post it

Thanks, Trini. POAP is very easy to obtain for this type of activity, we would need some lead time to get it approved by POAP curation board, and the current model is also moving towards a minimal payment (more than likely) that is probably like $1 or less per POAP issued. I get your point about additional prizes and the expectations aren’t always to win something, so I’m looking forward to hearing more details and what else the community here wants to discuss around this idea.

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Believe it or not I was unaware of this during the time I submitted my proposal but I think it helps the cause

As another follow up to this proposal
The Olympics is now using the game I proposed in their Olympic Esports series 2023 virtual motor sport event, a big tournament with the finals in Singapore

There’s an official movie coming out for this now, here’s the trailer