Correct SSL certificate

Hi, guys!

I’m glad to be part of the Akita community. I have some questions regarding the website and about X (Twitter).

I’ve already sent a request to the official account, but nothing has changed. It’s urgent to change the SSL certificate because I’m receiving messages from all browsers indicating that the SSL certificate does not cover, only When you try to access the website from Twitter, you’ll encounter what I did, the same issue. People try to visit the website and then suspect that Akita is a scam, especially since Chrome indicates that the site is not trusted.

My second question is about Twitter. Why is there a reminder about the hacked Twitter account? Is it already under your control? Please delete this pin ASAP, as it does not foster trust in your account or Akita in general. Why are there so few followers, and why do the numbers fluctuate between 900 and 1200 every day? If you want the token to recover, you need to establish a solid foundation for it.

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Welcome! This is your first post in this area!
Well, im banned from viewing Akita Network main Twitter page :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
But i remember that this kind of problem was already back in the days for main X account. It was solved by Ryan.

But i need to say that the overall X account leading currently is really poor.
And i also noticed how followers jumped from 300 to 1300 and now dropping.

Maybe someone will answer on your questions.
Probably my comment will be deleted by one of Founders :smile:

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Thanks for your fast reply.

If the founders will banning everyone who expresses opposing views, Akita is doomed. We need to stay united.

Yes, or simply change the link to without the www.

I mean this link

Yeas! I was thinking the same! I hope that someone will fix it asap.

Thanks for calling out the SSL issue, it will be fixed.

I unpinned some of the messages in the main TG channel, someone else will unpin the twitter when they see my note. Its great that you are attentive and aware of the channel, and can suggest changes like this.

The follower count has dropped significantly since a member of the original Akita Inu token launch team chose to steal it for their personal gain. The @username was reacquired, but it will need to grow once again. As for why it goes up and down on followers, I don’t know. I would assume that’s largely bot traffic, but someone else here might be able to give you a better answer.


This has been fixed. Let us know if you’re still having the same issue.

Checked, correct now.