Do you want a new AKITA logo?

Some of you have requested we create a new logo for the AKITA INU token. Please discuss here.


yes. I want to switch back to the cute yellow dog avatar I used to have. This is of great significance to Akita!

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We currently have three avatars. To make Akita more visible. We must solve the problem of avatars.

  1. Akita switched back to his previous avatar.
  2. Bagong’s avatar can be designed with a lightning bolt :zap: Token style.

Why do you do this. I have three reasons.
(1) The previous avatar has become more deeply ingrained in people’s hearts, and everyone knows it. It’s a cute Akita dog. This is also the image of the Akita dog. The red scarf represents Akita as a noble dog.
(2) The most attractive aspect of memecoin is its beautiful and cute appearance. The previous avatar is fully capable of handling it. (Of course, it would be even better if some optimization could be done.)
(3) Regarding hachi. It must be distinguished from Akita as it is a voting token. We need a token like appearance. Not the second dog. I really like governance tokens, but they are governance tokens. It’s like Shib’s dog leash and bones :bone:。 We also need a token style appearance.

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Thanks Jake . Great opportunity for you to make your proposal ، please go on and invite your community (who like the topic) here to discuss about it

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Please initiate a proposal, brothers! The content is: "Will Akita’s avatar be replaced with the previous one

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We need a cute and good-looking avatar. Optimize on the basis of the old avatar. If it’s not possible, then it’s okay.

Jake . You can also do it . We just need a good detailed text from you . In order to make it easier for you , please include the answers for these in your text :

a summary of proposal


Benifits .

It’s not fair to discuss and vote at this stage without any information .

Please consider . Administration for this proposal can last much time . Thinking is easy . we are not just need to upload the old logo . But we need to handle many things . Like Re-desgning the website . Changing logo on Coin Tracking websites . Also on some CEXs that have our new logo

Waiting for your opinions/replies . Thanks

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And also drawbacks , using our old logo can make some legal and copyright problems in future as Marcus mentioned in telgram chat . It should be considered

Can we optimize Akita’s yellow avatar? Can this solve the copyright issue? 1. Upgrade and optimize the yellow avatar. 2. Motivation: For dogs, people like their cute appearance. Me too! Don’t underestimate a cute appearance, it will bring us huge fans. 3. In a series of actions. Replacing the avatar represents a new beginning! Especially in the early stages of a bull market, we will achieve good results. Especially after optimizing this avatar, it will give people strong confidence.

The only reason to change logo is because current Logo dont have a “Face”
I really liked to make a Memes for Crypto, especially with $AKITA. I think that we could try to make our current Logo with “Face”. Maby we can get something from our Community? Some examples, concepts?

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As stated with using the old logo, which we have has 2 of, this current one being the third, the previous ones would bring up copyright issues. If you really want to have us vote on them please create a solution to the copyright issues.

It’s probably possible to Make new logo which is slightly different from the first one. That could resolve the copyright problems.

I agree if that is the path we go on. To me, whatever is done, either keep current or change the logo, we can’t please everyone. Perhaps a sort of artist submission and poll taking can take place, just not too sure of the platforms applicable to that

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Well, maby there’s need for proposal “Should we really need to change the Logo”. If yes then only after that we can start a real process about New Old Logo.

Why didn’t our previous avatars have copyright? Is that someone else’s? I don’t quite understand.

Because it was Downloaded (stolen) from Web.
No copyright. In that case we need to find Person who made the old Logo :smile:

no Gavin told me that we have copyright.

It is copyright protected since it was just downloaded from Google. The first dog.

The second dog was removed since it looks very silly with the tongue hanging out.

If you start drafting a proposal, please be specific and don’t just ask if we should change logo. At least specify if it’s in the direction of having a logo very similar to the first copyright protected dog. Or if you want the second dog. Or something something completely different (then you should specify what that is)

The previous avatar was too famous. Previously, avatars often appeared in various videos, including Twitter posts posted by exchanges. Don’t you know? Why should we replace that famous old avatar?