Trustwallet logo update $Akita

Trust Wallet is a hot crypto wallet that allows users to send, receive and store digital assets, and collect NFTs.

Most holders of Akita use TrustWallet to buy sell and hold .

After 2 updates of logo it is still not updated on trust wallet and MetaMask , it had to be updated by its own team , but i made this proposal to let team know

Cost :

500 TWT or 5BNB needed for that


While I agree that our logo should be up to date everywhere, the problem for me is that we currently have another proposal in it’s idea stage about changing our logo.

If this proposal passes allowing us to update the Trust Wallet logo then the other “New logo” proposal passes then we would have wasted over 500 TWT, which is over $500

Obviously we don’t know if the “New logo” proposal would pass or not

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We don’t need new logo . Current one is so great and everyone like it

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I’ll refer you to the proposal

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I saw that already.

Did you see ?no one likes to design new logo m the current one is good . Also tw and mm wallet logo update don’t cost much
MM is free and TW only charges 500 TWT or 5 BNB

Please go and submit the proposal for it you will see everyone will vote

Besides Meta Mask and Trust wallet, is there any other platform our holders here use that needs to update to our current logo?

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Coinbase wallet .

I noticed many holders of Akita use Coinbase wallet

This can be considered as New logo proposal declined . But , please write us enough informations . Once this proposal got enough ple supporting it , will take the actions

I went down the list of exchanges that we are currently on.

Poloniex - Needs updating to current logo
Bitrue - Needs updating to current logo
4swap - Needs updating to current logo

Bitmart - I didn’t see any logo
CoinTiger - I didn’t see any logo
BitUBU - I didn’t see any logo
CoinW I didn’t see any logo

All the rest of exchanges from the list on CoinMarketCap seem fine

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Good. So let’s make a proposal for it

Multichain, which serves as the bridge for AKITA to Avalanche Network and BNB-Chain also has an outdated logo. TraderJoe, too…but I think all Avalanche related matters need to be dealt with via Snowtrace. Need to explore those, but its probably not a priority compared to the wallets or other exchanges with high volume.

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Yes you are right…:ok_hand::+1:

Guys please lets submit the current logo on trustwallet and metamask . We will get many eyes and engagement on Akita again
Who agrees? Please like or support me here so we can move on :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: