Unclaimed community tokens: What should we do with them?

AKITA holders have until June 12th to claim free HACHI tokens on https://akitanetwork.link/

Currently, we have more than 9.8M unclaimed HACHI tokens. Any tokens still not claimed by the 12th will be sent back to the DAO treasury.

But the question is, what should we do with those unclaimed tokens? Use this thread to discuss and feel free to start drafting proposals :raised_hands:t2:


I would like to see us invest in new sources of income, but some of them with shorter horizons than others. Even the paths that we think will have the shortest time to profitability will likely take quite a bit longer and cost a lot more to get done as the DAO matures as a team. This is a normal thing.

This list is not all-inclusive:

  1. Swap into chain-based and exchange-based tokens to store or grow value.
  2. Get equipment and a stable place to run nodes or miners for the various chains we are on (AVAX and ETH, to start). This gives us a different kind of income that is not solely reliant on our performance as a team while also helping the health of the blockchains our coins live in.
  3. Organizational: the DAO may need to properly have an address and exist in a country somewhere. Setting up a physical place is eventually going to be someone’s responsibility, and if that space starts in someone’s house, they should get a modest stipend.
  4. Finding ways to include and incorporate more international voices; with AI, I believe we are nearing the point of (less messy) universal translation. Within telegram, we successfully created a sticker pack and translated it into Spanish and Farsi; I don’t know how well the stickers were received in the other chats.

We’re in for some wild rides ahead; and those are topics for another thread.


Idea for using unclaimed tokens

This proposal is to gain new holders for both $AKITA and $HACHI, while showing good faith to another token (KITSU) that has since lost their way.

Long ago KITSU was associated with $AKITA. After some time and multiple leadership changes of KITSU they became disassociated with $AKITA and their value dropped dramatically. With lack of proper leadership their community was left holding a worthless token which is unfortunate. This proposal would offer the KITSU community a show of good faith, if they hold still hold KITSU and over 1,500 $HACHI and over 1B $AKITA, we will give them an airdrop of XX $HACHI. A snapshot would be taken at a random time making sure they hold KITSU and the amounts of $AKITA and $HACHI specified.

The KITSU community can stop worrying about KITSU, leaving that coin in the past. They can have a new home in the AKITA Ecosystem by holding $AKITA and $HACHI and hopefully want to hold and be interested with the Ecosystem and the DAO

$AKITA and $HACHI will gain value and new holders. The current amount of holders of $HACHI at the time of writing this is 523. 481 of which hold under 1,500 $HACHI. There are currently 271 holders of KITSU, all of which the AKITA ecosystem can potentially gain. Everyone wins.


Interesting idea @TriniPrince - do we have an idea of where the wallet overlap is? Also - there were some people who moved their tokens to an exchange after the last iteration of KITSU was developed, and that’s where they lost all of their liquidity. I think they had someone “take over” the project, but otherwise the Telegram channel seems fairly dead.

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Many recent projects have done secondary airdrops, and we have seen many people coming in to the Telegram channel to see if they qualified for the airdrop and discover they were not eligible at time of snapshot. It could be worthwhile to take a small allocation of remaining tokens with new qualifications and see if there is a better claim rate.

I would suggest looking at 1,000,000-2,000,000 HACHI for this initiative, with qualifications that included a higher AKITA threshold (e.g. >10M AKITA) and some level of HACHI ownership (e.g. >50 HACHI)

The benefits could be higher community engagement, and reaching a new audience in a new market than existed in November 2022. We also have the Akita DAO launched, so it is easier to see what the benefit of holding HACHI can be.

The drawbacks are that if we wanted to have similar vesting timelines capabilities, we would need to pay the developers to update the vesting contract. Ideally this wouldn’t require developing a completely new contract, but we would need to get a quote to understand this process. We could also do a CSV-Airdrop directly from the DAO Multisig, and do it in waves, but we could potentially be spending a lot of ETH in gas to accomplish this.


That channel and community seems too inactive to me to justify the costs of doing either a claim or airdrop (especially an airdrop)


I’m not too sure what you mean by wallet overlap.
I also don’t know how much people are holding on exchanges, I was going based off Etherscan.
I did post my idea of this proposal in their Telegram chat, got like 3 interactions so far, I’ll suggest they try to get the word out themselves if they want this proposal to have a chance

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As I mentioned to RyMac, I did post my idea of this proposal in their chat. So far not much response just like 3 people but I’ll suggest that they spread the word themselves if they want the proposal to even have a chance. Technically the amount of $HACHI spent would be congruent with those who actually participated in the requirements of the proposal holding their token, plus $AKITA and $HACHI. The only downside would be a potential wasted effort to only have few people participate but I don’t see this has a cost issue unless it’s a major cost to set up the claim procedure (checking if they hold and setting it up that they can claim)

I’m thinking of how many will already have claimed HACHI but also you’d need to consult the Snowtrace records and find the correct token. There were maybe 4-5 incorrect launches before they lost their liquidity.

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I suggest they should be the ones posting here and making a proposal. I don’t understand why we should speak for them, especially if they’re not active much.


Great point and in general I’m surprised there aren’t more people giving ideas on what to do with these tokens. Currently it’s more than 9% of total supply.

Question of the Quarter :smile:

We need to do something that will attract New people (potential investors) idea about Second Airdrop sounds good. New rules for Claiming. More $AKITA some $HACHI too.

Also something that will make happy our Current peoples (investors) Actually new investors are best present for Current Investors :smile:

We should do something For Art too. Something for NFTs. We Could Develope some sort of $AKITA X #MEMES NFTs. Maby Community made (probably we need bigger Community for that)
I want to see $AKITA between more and more MEMES. There are so much possibilities.

For example:

$AKITA x $SHIB X10 Different NFTs
$AKITA x $PEPE X10 Different NFTs
$AKITA x $KISHU X10 Different NFTs
$AKITA x $… X10 Different NFTs
$AKITA x $… X10 Different NFTs


Why should we promote any other token without some sort of benefit to us or our holders? In cases like that those tokens should give a claimable amount too

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You are Talking about those possible NFTs?

Yeah it would be nice if other communities cooperated with that

Remember that we have one of the smallest Community.
A lot needs to be done by ourselves.

Another use for these tokens is to start allocating them towards rewarding those who vote and participate in the Discourse. Other DAOs have adopted similar models – does this sound like something that interests anyone?


I’d amend this proposal to reward those who vote on Snapshot because anyone at anytime can participate in Discourse, at least with Snapshot we know it’s $HACHI holders.

I can be in favor, but it depends on the solution. I would vote no to anything requiring much time to manually review which addresses are eligible (for example by reviewing discourse activity and collecting addresses). Same for a solution requiring any significant funding to build and/or audit.

For example, just extracting the addresses from Snapshot and doing batch transactions sounds OK to me, if we avoid large gas fees.


Yes it’s good . Also can consider some rewards for proposal submiters , which get executed after voring on snapshot .

Or new airdrop for active holders of $AKITA . Like addresses made at least 1 transaction in the last 2 months . Or something like that