Potential 2nd $HACHI claim

I know this is a topic under this thread Unclaimed community tokens: What should we do with them?

But since that thread has multiple ideas, I wanted this thread to just be ideas about a potential 2nd $HACHI claim.

Here we can discuss what is required to be eligible for the potential claim if it is voted on

Ideas such as

  • Minimum amount needed of $AKITA and/or $HACHI to be eligible

  • Thresholds if any for different claim amounts

  • Potential $HACHI claim amounts

  • Timeframe (Start and End of claim)

  • Any other topics concerning the claim


I think 2nd claim should be for those who didn’t claim their HACHI in the first round , to avoid selling preasure by the current holders .


Another hachi claim would put way more sell pressure back on it.

Option 1: Holding it; gives us more of flexibility later on.
Option 2: Only HACHI holders can qualify. (Must be holding HACHI to qualify to claim HACHI

  • Minimum amount needed of $AKITA and/or $HACHI to be eligible:

Last time we set up the minimum amount of $AKITA to 1M-9.9M, at the time the price was really cheap (0.0000001409) for 1M it was less than a dollar and for 9.9M was $1.409.
This time the price is ~0.00000008370 for 1M it would be 0.0837 and for 10M - 0.837.

Therefore, we should consider rising the minimum amount for each tier by at least 10X.

  • Who can participate:

Everyone, if we limit this second claim for those who didn’t claim the first one, the people claiming this second one would be minimum because most of them are inactive on telegram or just don’t check the news about our token.

  • Timeframe:

Maybe we can split it into 3 claims, one every two weeks from 1/11/23 to 13/12/23.

  • Topics concerning the claim:

Yeah, I was thinking about those who could potentially split their tokens into different wallets and thus claim more tokens than they could receive by having everything in one wallet. For example:
Last time, one of the tiers was for the range of 10,000M - 49,000M and the total allocation claimable was 783 HACHI. But what if someone with 10,000M AKITA split them into 10 different wallets, in this case it could have claim 442 HACHI for every wallet(?), 4420 in total instead of the initial 783 that they should receive. Can we do something about this? Maybe set a bigger gap between tiers, or discard the newly created wallets.


Great suggestions :heart_on_fire: about who can participate , HACHI is now at its lowest price , to avoid more selling by people claiming their tokens . We should limit it , here we have 1 option , you can add more if you have any idea about it

Mine ; Only people that didn’t get the first claim , with less amount of airdrop

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And if you think they are inactive , we can limit the claim only to active wallets(were active in the last year that didn’t claim in first round

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I think wallet snapshot could help for fair claim distribution.
BTW, I am holding AKITA since it’s appearing on Hotbit. Unfortunately I didn’t find the message about possible claim until it was too late :slight_smile:


I would like to recover my unclaimed hachi, what can I do?

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I have done wallet holder analysis on Jan 19 and Feb 16, and the overall picture of holders is still the same. The chart here shows the AKITA holder’s balances as of Feb 16, grouped into tiers. I suggest we aim the HACHI claim towards the 10M-1T AKITA range, and exclude the 1-10M and OTHERS (OTHERS are holders of <1 AKITA, >1T AKITA, smart contracts, multisigs, exchanges, etc)

100M-1B is a large group of holders, this breakdown gives a reasonable amount of HACHI to claim. The 1B-1T holder range is a very easy threshold for entry at the current token price, and these holders are more likely to be long-term holders who are likely to have interest in DAO activities. 10M-100M is still in the range of dust, and its more unlikely these are active wallets who will engage with the DAO ecosystem.

This does not exclude wallets that claimed in 2023. I do not think those people should be excluded as they took the initiative to be aware and claim their tokens.

While the HACHI should be claimable via a dApp that is compatible with the multisig, it should be considered that the HACHI happen on an L2, such as Arbitrum. The connext team has been suggested by several reliable sources, utilizing the xERC-20 standard to bring HACHI to that L2 or a variety of other chains if the DAO wishes in the future. More details here. If the HACHI token is only available on Ethereum mainnet, we may encounter more people who are unable or unwilling to afford gas prices during bull market conditions.

The action voted by the DAO here is now 50% complete, with a end day of March 19. If that liquidity is ready to launch around that time, then it also makes sense to synchronize this with the second HACHI claim. This would only be for doing the claim on an L2, such as Arbitrum. If the DAO was only making the claim available on Ethereum mainnet, then the DAO could utilize the dApps within the DAO’s SAFE multisig to set the claim sooner.


What about the ones that claimed in 1st airdrop . Will they receive another airdrop?


Saw my answer :slight_smile:

This does not exclude wallets that claimed in 2023.

So i think they will receive it


Personally, I feel it is good to get rewarded twice. The claim requires manual transactions, and using a dApp interface within the SAFE multisig will allow us to choose a lock period or vesting schedule. We could do an immediate claim of the amount above, or some other amount proposed by others. We could also do a claim that has a vesting schedule.


Yes we voted on L2 chain for HACHI . But which chain is that going to be ? That is important

And yes a vesting shedule is required .


When polling the community about other chains, Solana was first and then not supported when it came to vote. Arbitrum was the second choice, followed by Avalanche.

Arbitrum is a great choice as an L2 to Ethereum. It already has communities that revolve around meme coins, gamefi, etc. This aligns somewhat with the Akita DAO and its activities. If we bring AKITA to Arbitrum, there is further synergy.

Avalanche would also be a good choice, as AKITA already exists there and the DAO has already indicated that it wants to invest in Avalanche and correct the token flaws created by Multichain’s shutdown.

Personally, I enjoy Optimism a lot, and it is beginning to expand its focus to art, gaming, etc. Many other L2s are emerging that could offer benefits. Whatever choice is decided upon should guide a lot of long-term activities of the DAO.


شما هاچی بدین ما نمیفروشیم


A suggestion . Why don’t we only airdrop tokens to active holders ?
A form to receive airdrop requests from AKITA holders . Then we’ll be able to make HACHI streams (on that L2 chain)


What would be required on the form? Do you have a platform in mind? (I’m not sure Google Form is availabe for everyone…but there is Type Form and others.)
How would we combat airdrop farmer/Sybil attackers?

If we didn’t do a form, maybe a simple quest on Zealy or Galxe…some way to require people to go through a process.


Google form was in my mind but we can also use other platforms .

Airdrop hunters/farmers or anything else wouldn’t be a problem . They just need to be an on-chain holder of $AKITA


Gitcoin Passport, Galxe ?


No i don’t think so…