Partnership Deploying Games on Akita Inu

Hey Akita Community,

I’m with the Business Development team at BilliDrop.

What is The Drop?

The Drop is a Web3 Smart Contract based lottery/raffle hybrid game that pays out a jackpot to a winner. Instead of a time-based payout, The Drop is triggered once entry fees match the target jackpot and it pays out 100% of that jackpot to a winning wallet.

How is The Drop Played?

Players interact with a user-friendly, intuitive interface to purchase tickets through MetaMask or TrustWallet using the currency or chain that The Drop is deployed on. When a player purchases an entry or ticket, 75% of that entry cost goes directly to filling the jackpot target and 25% is reserved as an administration fee. When enough tickets/entries have been purchased to fill The Drop and it reaches its target jackpot, the chainlink VRF is triggered, a winning entry and corresponding wallet address is chosen, and the entirety of the jackpot funds are sent immediately to the winning wallet.

What The Drop does for Akita Inu

The Drop is a revenue generating community game that keeps players engaged and rewards them for supporting your project. It is designed to be fair and transparent to players and utilize Web3 technology in a fun way that benefits projects that need additional revenue streams.

Current Features:

  1. Multi-Prize
    Multi-Prize adds smaller cash prizes in addition to the main jackpot. Creating a windfall of winners increases engagement, win-belief, and repeat play from users. Multi-prize schedules are determined before a draw opens and can be adjusted or fine-tuned to deliver optimal results according to player analytics.

  2. Bonus Codes
    Bonus or Coupon codes give players extra incentive to play at specific times during a draw by giving them a percentage of their purchased entries as additional free entries. For example, a player that purchases 10 entries with a 50% bonus code will receive an additional 5 free entries or 15 total entries to The Drop.

  3. Coupon Game
    Players pay for the chance to win bonus coupons with the option to have a partners proprietary token ($AKITA) used for payment. Bonus coupons available from paid game are single-use and give higher bonus percentages vs. free coupons. Using proprietary tokens as purchase currency gives incentive to players outside the community to buy-in to the ecosystem. Also, you don’t necessarily have to sell $AKITA. You could burn the tokens, provide incentives for your community, pay the mods, donate to charity, etc. The choice is yours.

What we provide:

Item 1 - The Akita Inu Drop

  • A custom built version of The Drop reskinned and designed with Akita Inu branding
  • Deployed on Avalanche and denominated in AVAX
  • Tutorial video & written content to guide new players
  • Current “bonus” feature

Item 2 - Updates & Support

  • 8 x 5 x 365 Break-fix support
  • 8 x 5 x 365 Change Management
  • Support ticketing availability for non-urgent issues
  • Direct contact info for urgent support

Item 3 - Future Features

  • Deployment of new feature additions within the BilliDrop roadmap for the first 12 months of use included
  • All additional features will be beta tested prior to deployment
  • Further custom or bespoke features or upgrades may require additional proposal & fee

Item 4 - Analytics & Strategy

  • Weekly usage and basic analytic reports
  • Weekly planning with recommendations on timing and jackpot targets

Required from Akita Inu to Commence:

  • Acceptance & selection of proposed options
  • Design & branding assets for custom interface
  • Intended URL that The Akita Inu Drop will be hosted on
  • Configuration preferences
    Delivery Timeframe: 10 working days

As Akita Inu has less holders on the Avalanche network (469 holders) compared to Ethereum (60k holders), I believe BilliDrop could help to, not only increase revenue for the community, but also support your efforts to grow Avalanche holders. Avalanche’s transactions fees are low, which is why we’re on Avalanche (as well as BSC and soon others). Ethereum’s gas prices are unreasonable for our raffle game.

If you promote your version of The Drop, with a community your size, you should be successful. We are here to help you.

Setup & Deployment Costs

Custom Akita Inu version of The Drop including:

  • Deployed on Avalanche using AVAX as currency for ticket purchases for The Drop
  • Custom version of coupon/bonus game designed specifically for Akita Inu and its audiences using $AKITA as currency for coupon/bonus purchases
  • Cross-Chain implementation for purchasing when available
  • Launch marketing strategy and select content designed for Akita Inu branding and target audiences
  • Priority technical and promotional support through BD partnership discord

Ongoing Revenue Share (recurring after setup costs are funded)

Revenue split of 25% administrative fee on each ticket/entry:
50% Akita Inu, 50% BilliDrop

If you’re serious about growing your revenue, providing gaming entertainment for the community, and adding value on the Avalanche side, the standard set up & deployment fee is $19,500.00. However, we’re giving a 50% discount. The total cost $9,750.00 instead.

I would love to hear the community’s feedback.
Thank you for your time and attention.

Official Twitter:
Official Community Discord: BilliDrop

Best Regards,

Source D


Hi Source D , thank you for reaching out !

We are working on a game studio partnership , John should update us about it. But i think we can’t make other Gaming partnerships while working with them (GameFi)

Our community members can also join dicussion here . Everyone , Feel free to post your ideas

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This was first thing that came in my mind.

Our games will likely be of a different nature from that game studio you’re working with. It’s not like a mario cart or 3D sort of game, for example. Our flagship game is a raffle.

See this Vita Inu Partnership post, posted today. The flagship game looks like this, but it would be with your brand design. Obviously, I’m not here to promote another dog, but I’m trying to show you an example of our work:

If it’s just a raffle, I don’t see any conflict with the game studio collaboration and this :+1:

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Hey Dumpling. We also have a coupon game as well that gives discounts on tickets. More games to come in the future.

As I mentioned on Telegram, I edited the whole proposal to make it more detailed and get straight to the point. This should help. I welcome feedback.


I’m skeptical about having the DAO partner up with any sort of Lottery system company. I’m sure there are a lot of protocols that would need to be checked and it just seems too risky in my opinion

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A question I have; does any part of the 25% Administrative Fee go to the DAO, or does it all go to BilliDrop?

Hello @Baphnedia,

Sorry if that part wasn’t clear. So, there is a 25% fee for each ticket. This fee for players is what creates revenue for BilliDrop and Akita. We split the fee 50/50 between BilliDrop and Akita. I think this would be a great thing and could support the DAO with its other development objectives.

If you support this partnership, I ask that you advocate for it to the community. This would create a legitimate revenue stream without relying just on external funding to accomplish objectives.

Hello @TriniPrince,

If the risk you’re concerned about has to do with fairness of our flagship game, The Drop. We use the Chainlink VRF which verifies randomness. VRF = Verifiable Random Function.

does the 50/50 split come from the gross fees accumulated, or is this net after additional costs? What is the ongoing cost of VRF, and is that something that BilliDrop assumes the burden of, or is it factored in somehow?

Hey @RyMac,

Yes, the 50/50 split comes from gross fees accumulated.
Akita need not worry about hidden cost, additional cost, or the cost of the Chainlink VRF. BilliDrop assumes the cost of the VRF along with any other BilliDrop expenses from BilliDrop’s half.

Here’s an example:

  • The Drop Jackpot: $100k (amount for illustrative purposes)
  • 25% admin fee on tickets: $100k x 25% = $25,000
    (Keep in mind the jackpot still fills completely to $100k)
  • 50/50 Revenue Split:
    BilliDrop $12,500, Akita Inu $12,500.