Whitelabel partnership: Akita vs panda.co

Proposal for the integration of a comprehensive crypto game platform that provides a range of meticulously Crafted, provably fair games of chance into the Akita ecosystem.

##Motivation/ ##Benefits
The implementation of these games could bring a place where community have some fun playing and chatting. In addition, it will benefit the ecosystem with an extra source of dividends, as the ‘house’ (Akita) always win!

Panda.co is a comprehensive crypto game platform that provides a range of meticulously
crafted, provably fair games of chance. Currently, the platform offers exciting games such
as Crash, Plinko, Dice, Lucky Wheel, and Digital.
It is developed and managed by the team behind SLAM Token (slamtoken.com), starting
from 2021. Since its inception, Panda.co has successfully processed over 3,600,000 bets
and facilitated deposits totaling more than $4,000,000. It’s worth noting that the platform
was previously known as Slam Crash (slamcrash.com).
They have established partnerships with numerous tokens in the crypto ecosystem,
expanding the offerings and opportunities for our platform. Some of the tokens we have
partnered with include Pitbull, Baby Shark, Aquagoat, Yummy, ASS, 100x, Thoreum,
NFTArt.Finance, Libero/Libera, Key of Life, CumRocket, Dogebets and HPOS10I.

Available Games
● Crash: A game where players place bets on a multiplier value, and a virtual curve rises
rapidly until it crashes at a random point, determining the winning multiplier for the
round. It’s the most popular game on our platform. Licensed by Bustabit. 1% house
● Plinko: A game where a ball is dropped through a series of pegs, bouncing randomly
and landing in various prize slots at the bottom. 15 Variations.
● Dice: A hi-lo game with 2 actual dices
● Lucky Wheel: A lucky-wheel themed game with reward options of 1.25x, 2x, 10x, 50x,
and 100x.
● Digital: A hi-lo game in “digital” digits theme

Available Currencies
We can add a wide variety of other coins/tokens upon request. Currently, we support tokens on
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

We offer highly customizable frontend design options. As long as the overall user
experience (UX) remains unaffected, you have the flexibility to modify any element on the
screen. From colors and font sizes to backgrounds, you can customize it all. Additionally,
upon request, we can also incorporate custom JavaScript and CSS codes.
The platform undergoes constant updates to enhance its functionality. These updates will
impact all whitelabel sites, but rest assured, none of these changes will be disruptive.
Prior to any significant updates, you will receive notifications from Panda’s team to keep you
informed. We also encourage you to share your suggestions for new features. Your
feedback is valued and appreciated.

We offer two pricing models to choose from:
Option #1:
• There is no initial setup fee.
• We will cover all operational costs, including servers.
• You will provide the bankroll, meaning you will fund our main wallet and be responsible
for any losses incurred on your site, as it is expected that there will be winners.
• You will keep 80% of the net profit, and we will take a 20% commission if your site is
• There is a monthly fee of 2 BNB.
• The cycle restarts at the beginning of each month.
Option #2:
• There is no initial setup fee.
• We will cover all operational costs, including servers.
• We will provide the bankroll, so you won’t have to worry about funding the initial
bankroll, managing high rollers, or covering losses from winners. We handle it all.
• If your site generates a net profit of 20 BNB, you will keep 20% of the profit.
• There is no monthly fee.
• The cycle restarts at the beginning of each month.
• To proceed with this option, we require a solid business plan demonstrating your
commitment to attracting players.
In both options, our support team is available to assist your players with any cashier or
game-related issues. Additionally, for custom tokens, you can provide the initial bankroll
funds and retain 100% of the profits

Example of stats for HPOS10I (see attached figure)

Gambling games it’s not fow everyone

Yes, No, Abstain - If the total YES vote is greater than the total NO vote, then this proposal would pass and a meeting will be held with the founder/CEO of Panda.co (@Kadabra) to implement those games into the Akita ecosystem (executed by the Akita DAO’s Stewards)