Pressures pushing USD down in value

While keeping an eye on the news, it is jarring to see governments generally bumble around and make a mess of things. The one-sided empire that the United States has enjoyed (with most of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD) is quickly losing steam. In part, because “developing economies” were purposefully kept that way to enrich the people at the top.

Devaluation of the US Dollar is going to affect many, if not all of us. When I see price predictions of BTC at $1,000,000 by 2025 (pick a value, pick a year), its not because BTC intrinsically became worth so much more than it was; rather that the dollar stands to lose a great amount of its buying power between now and then.

  1. De-dollarization (both as countries leave SWIFT and switch to BRICS and other directions.
  2. OPEC abandoning the dollar.
  3. United States looming default in June, 2023. Even if the USA never defaults on its debt, every time political theater is played, it harms trust in the US Dollar.

If Akita were $1 today, many of us would be getting our lambos.
If the dollar were worth one Akita today, then the USA’s economy will have collapsed.

Reality will be somewhere in the middle, I think.

As much as I enjoyed reading your point of view, I have to ask, are you hinting towards some kind of proposal here?

At the moment, this is more food-for-thought; keeping an eye on the world. I’m not so good at reading the tea leaves to know how bad it could get or how quickly it could get bad.

I consider Akita and other crypto currencies a way to hedge against inflation; but at the same time paying for necessities reduces or eliminates an investor’s ability to keep their investments. I’d like to propose “let’s moonshot while the rest of the market is down!” or something; even if that’s not really a proposal.

We may want to create some additional categories to handle non-proposal-prep topics. There could be something to build a proposal here - but it would be Akitas to the rescue, and I’m unsure if there is a platform similar to GoFundMe in the Avalanche or Ethereum ecosystems yet.

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At the moment Discourse is only for proposals or discussing ideas for proposals. The place for non proposal discussions would be Telegram, but I do thank you for your point of view, it’s a topic that would be interesting to brainstorm.