Sponsoring Musk vs Zuck

Hey all,

Can we figure out a way to sponsor the Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg fight that’s supposedly happening?

Any thought as to how much you think we should spend on sponsoring ?


This event is sounding more likely to happen, but its still unclear when. The current status is that it is likely going to be held in Rome, and that all proceeds are going to veterans. Otherwise, its all nebulous and unconfirmed. Personally, its not something that I feel compelled to participate in – I don’t see either of these two people as someone to root for, and the cause alone would not make me in favor of this.

As for the DAO’s role in sponsoring it, I don’t expect we would have the budget to sponsor on any meaningful level, but there would need to be clear concepts of what things cost and what the return for the DAO would be (engagement, new holders, etc.) It may be doable, but there’s way too many question marks around it.

I think it already happened? Or not
I’m not sure